Training and Employment

Ngati Maru has been focused on establishing training and employment opportunities for our people.  We have established relationships with various training providers and industries (ie forestry, marine farming, farming, fishing, construction etc) to link unemployed with industry and to link industry with support services such as the Department of Work and Income.

Ngati Maru is a registered training provider with the Open Wananga through Te Wananga o Aotearoa, offering home based training throughout Hauraki and Tauranga.

Environmental Management

Ngati Maru has established a process to deliver advice and support for members and others regarding Resource Management issues.  We provide support in papakainga planning, in Central, Regional and Local Government planning.

We provide advice on cultural matters related to the environment and support the Tangata Whenua in proactively executing their kaitiakitanga.

We have established memorandum of understanding with a number of various parties emphasising our link to our resources and industry.  We have contractual arrangements with Regional and Local Government to provide a variety of services from Cultural Assessments to actively monitoring consents through conditions imposed via regulatory authority.

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We are working with all schools, both Maori and mainstream, to develop policies in the schools to better assist Maori in education.

We address many schools on current issues, to help create a better awareness of the cultural differences and create a better understanding of issues affecting our tamariki.

Ngati Maru have established an Education putea to allow opportunity for scholarships and grants to be made in order to progress education opportunities for our tamariki me rangatahi.

Treaty of Waitangi Claims

Ngati Maru Runanga has been mandated to undertake Historic Treaty Negotiations with the Crown.  We have elected two Negotiators, Paul Majurey and Wati Ngamane, to undertake this process on our behalf.  These negotiators represent the people of Ngati Maru at the Hauraki Collective table negotiating collective Hauraki claims, at the Tamaki Makaura table negotiating Auckland Treaty claims and are also negotiating directly with the Crown in regard to individual Ngati Maru Claims

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Customary Fisheries is a focus for our people in order to regulate the taking of kaimoana from our area.

Ngati Maru is a registered issuer of Fishing Permits under regulation 27a of the Customary Fishing Regulations.  Regulation 27a provides for the taking of fish for the purpose of hui or tangi.

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Justice Department and Community Corrections

Ngati Maru has established a process with the NZ Police (Thames) and Community Corrections (Paeroa/Thames) where we provide sponsorship for predominately (but not exclusively) Maori youth, to complete community service.  This is managed through various community and Ngati Maru projects.

Child, Youth & Family Services

Ngati Maru has a relationship with CYFS that allow us to attend family group conferences in order to support whanau in dealing with CYFS and reaching resolution of strategies to resolve matters between the parties as well as linking with Tu Awhina Social Services where relevant.

Waikato Police Advisory Group

Ngati Maru presently holds a seat on the Police Advisory Group in order to provide advice and planning to implement strategies for Police to be more responsive to the needs of Maori.  We are developing a centre to assist the police with communication with our people and for them to be better able to respond to issues.

In conjunction with the Hauraki area manager of the NZ Police, Ngati Maru (and others) have established an external Hauraki Maori Advisory Group working in parallel with the greater Waikato District Advisory Group.

Restorative Justice

Ngati Maru continues its involvement in developing a process and structure in Hauraki where offenders and victims can be assisted towards meaningful reparation processes, which are constructive, rather than destructive to individuals and the whole community.

Maori Land Court

Ngati Maru provides support and advice to our members and other Maori residing in our rohe, relative to Maori Land Court issues (in regards to successions, establishing whanau trusts, determination of interests and any other matters)

Department of Conservation

Ngati Maru has established a working relationship with the Department of Conservation where we provide advice on cultural matters.

Ngati Maru has an established process with Department of Conservation supporting our rangatahi to seek skills and opportunities maintaining the Doc estate within our rohe.

It is expected that settlement of Treaty of Waitangi claims will include the Conservation estate, our involvement now will re-establish our rightful role pertaining to the estate.  We are currently formalising a memorandum of understanding to reflect the envolvement of our generic relationship.